Artist Statement

For me, painting is about connection. A fundamental aspect of being human is the desire to belong, to feel an authentic connection between our true selves and others. The process of painting connects me to the world around me, to others and to myself.

I grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District surrounded by magnificent hills and dales. A love of open landscape and the need for the felt sense of space was bred into me. When out in a landscape, or indeed, when in any awe-inspiring place, I breathe it in. To breathe in is to inspire. I take this inspiration into my studio, where I draw on memories of the sensory experience, together with sketches and photographs, to produce paintings of varying degrees of expressive abstraction.

I paint using oils and cold wax. Mixing oil paint with cold wax produces a rich medium that can be layered and manipulated using a range of techniques. My process is driven by colour. I create a wide spectrum of colour relationships and gradually develop and refine them into an orchestrated piece. Each painting carries a history within its layers, which is disclosed through texture, translucence and scraped back areas.

I consider a painting to be finished only when I am satisfied that it both represents my felt experience and holds its own energy. Then I am happy to let it go, trusting that it carries the potential to elicit a sense of joy and wonder.